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Fix Your Uneven Concrete Without Demolition

Do you have uneven concrete on your property? The traditional fix involves heavy machinery, demolition, and a new pour. But there's a better, less invasive way to repair sunken or uneven concrete slabs.

See Granny Pro Concrete Solutions specializes in lifting sunken concrete surfaces. Whether it’s an uneven patio, sidewalk, or driveway, our unique concrete lifting solutions can fix it. Take a look at our Before & After photo gallery for evidence.

We’re a local, family-run company that cares about your project. Our team is educated on the problems that cause concrete to fail and can provide modern, long-lasting solutions.

We have the solution for:
Uneven concrete driveways
Sunken decks, patios, or front porches
Dangerous tripping hazards
Water pooling due to sunken concrete
And more!

Why Does Concrete Sink?

Concrete relies on a solid base. It sinks when the soil below can't support its weight. Reasons include erosion from heavy rainfall, poor initial base compaction, or soil shrinkage that creates voids below the concrete.

How We Lift Your Concrete

We use a proprietary, non-invasive method involving polyurethane foam. The process varies depending on the concrete type, load requirements, slab size, and the gap size we need to level. We drill small holes in the uneven concrete and inject polyurethane foam. The foam expands, compacts the loose soil, and lifts the concrete back to its original position.

Cost and Time Estimates

Concrete lifting with polyurethane foam is generally more affordable than concrete replacement. The cost varies based on several factors. For an accurate estimate, contact us or fill out our online contact form. Most projects take a few hours to a full day. The repaired areas are usable within minutes as the foam takes about 10-15 seconds to expand and cure fully.

Polyurethane vs. Mudjacking

You might have heard of "mudjacking," which uses a concrete mixture. While both methods are effective, polyurethane foam offers a lightweight, strong, and long-lasting solution.